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Overview of Shelby

Shelby, which was once a cattle town in the State of Montana, Is now the county seat of Toole County. Shelby got its name in the honor of the General Manager of Montana Central Railway, Peter O. Shelby. Located near the Marias River and Aloe Lake, this city offers the appeal of a conventional city. Total population of Shelby is 3,023.

Popular Shelby Tourist Attractions

Planning a tourism trip to Shelby won’t disappoint you. You can start off with an artistic place, Marias Museum of History & Art, where you can look into the history of Toole County. Additionally, there is Montana Veteran’s Memorial Flag and Park that pays tribute to veterans. You will instantly develop a sense of belonging to this museum, thanks to the stunning memorial appeal depicted by the curators. Finally, there is Lake Sheloole Campground & RV Park offering a serene aesthetic appeal to tourists. You can quickly get in touch with the management of these museums and parks from


Shelby has no universities. However, county schools include the full range of elementary, middle, high schools and academies. The famous Toole County Library is present in this city. Visit to contact the school or library facilities.

Shelby Business Sectors

Local businesses as well as production companies in the city are primarily driving the business sector of Shelby. These companies in Shelby are generating revenue for the city across various industries. Construction and retail trade industries are the leading economical centers in Shelby. Contact with such companies in Shelby can be made by conducting directory research from

Shelby Economy

Shelby Airport is the major airport in this region that derives revenue for the city and the entire county. This airport is about 2 miles away from Shelby. Moving towards the job sector of the city, there was a significant decline in jobs by 4.6%. There aren’t any significant anticipated job growth opportunities in the future.

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